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Literacy Links

For Learners and Tutors

In addition to conventional one-on-one tutoring techniques, many web sites offer other activities for learners and tutors. -- The site of the Proliteracy Education Network has many activities for learners to practice their skills and free online courses.  For tutors, the site offers lesson plans as well as activities, techniques, and strategies for tutoring. -- Grammar practice. Stories and quizzes. -- Daily news in basic English. Translate option. -- News written on seven skill levels. Lesson plans for current events. Podcasts for Enhancing listening skills. -- Library of printable worksheets or create own.  4th-11th grade reading skills.All subjects. Click on left for ESL. -- Choose language, hear words pronounced. Learner can create own dictionary. Word lists. Online course: 12 months for $15. -- A blog with strategies to improve learner’s English. Listening, motivation, planning, reading, speaking, and writing covered. -- Tutors helping tutors. Worksheets, expansion activities, vocabulary, songs. Emphasis on grammar. -- Free ESL worksheets on simple present. Vocabulary worksheets. materials -- Tutors and Learners. Quizzes, conversations, topic lessons. -- Online resources to practice reading, grammar websites. For tutors and learners. -- Learner/tutor site. Verb, grammar, idiom, spelling, reading, vocabulary and fun zones. -- “Quizlet” section. Flashcards, audio, spelling for learners and tutors. -- Games for adult learners (and kids.)  Articles for tutors, etc. -- Beginning to advanced reading skills. Tests and quizzes, lesson plans -- Listening exercises for learners followed by quizzes. -- Site for Hispanic learners. Fun and colorful practice/play site.

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