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LEARN English and Reading Now, Inc (LEARN ENGLISH) provides volunteer tutors to native English speakers who want to learn to read and write and to speakers of other languages who want to learn English. 

First, a learner comes into the LEARN ENGLISH office, where the program coordinator fills out an application form for the learner and notes his or her individual goals and level of literacy. 

The LEARN ENGLISH program coordinator then matches the learner with a tutor or a class.  The tutor calls the learner, and they decide on a suitable time and place for the tutoring sessions, which should be at least weekly.  It may take some time for a learner to receive a tutor or be put into a class, but we regularly train new tutors and endeavor to offer more classes as demand requires.

Tutors tailor their lessons to help the learner reach his or her goals and improve in reading, writing, and speaking.  Tutors and learners work together toward those goals and find mutually convenient times and places to meet.


If you want a tutor, call us at 540-256-2673, email us at, or click here to fill out a brief contact form.

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